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Vampire Tooth Is Cute in Japan?

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Cute? Or Scary?

Hi there!
Are you confident in your dentition?

In Japan, when canines are a bit out of the row, they are called “yaeba” (pronounced “ya-eh-bah”).

And did you know that if they have those, people loves their dentition?
Wow, right?

I have “yaeba”s. And I hate them.
The other day, I went to the dentist and he said that my teeth are bigger than the average. I was a bit sad and also thought sorry for my teeth. Like, they were squashed against each other this whole time…
Oh, yes, I’m starting Invisalign!
I could write journey articles… hmm.

Be Careful!

Well, since I spent some time in abroad when I was a kid, so I didn’t have a great image on my canines. But when I came back to Japan and one of my friend said, “Your yaebas are so cute!!” (of course in Japanese.) And I remember me thinking, “Wait, what? These??!!!”

Conversed culture shock. Lol

No saying, but there are tons of cultures out there in the world.

So, I don’t think that people’s personalities or their appearances depend on the place of their canines. So, my judgement to him/her won’t change. But, I personally don’t like my canines. So, I’ll start my Invisalign.

Be careful when talking to Japanese.
Maybe this girl likes you and tries to impress you with her cute “yaeba”s. Maybe she is smiling from ear to ear. Don’t be thinking, “Is this girl going to suck my blood???”. No, she isn’t. Lol

But, if you have those, don’t worry!
Japanese love them!! Come to Japan!!
It’s cheaper than braces!!
If you are in Japan, show them!!

People Around The World

If you have been to any other countries other than yours, you would know that there are tons of cultures around the world. Most of your “why not?” won’t fit there.

Please grow friendships by communicating!
They will understand you.

Thank you so much for reading.
See you next time! Bye.