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Belly on Finger and Thumbs???

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Hi there!
Did you know that Japanese had bellies on their fingers and thumbs?

Where is it?

Where do you use to unlock your iPhone?
Where do you massage your head with?

Yup! That part!

Where it’s soft, where you sometimes HAVE to peel the skin off, where you type your keyboard with, where if you touch a weapon with it, police will hunt you. Yup, that part.

We (Japanese) have bellies there.

Let me explain.

In Japan, we call that part “指(ゆび)の腹(はら)”.
Which means “stomach of finger/thumb”.

There are no reason for this, but I assume that our ancestors were drunk and they thought that part as their tummy by mistake.

So now you know, you can go to your friends and family and tell them that Japanese have bellies on their fingers/thumbs!

Thank you so much for reading and see you next time! Bye.