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50 Facts About Me!

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日本語版(Japanese ver.)

Today, I decided to share 50 thing you might not know about me!
Some you might agree or understand, some you don’t.
I hope you’ll find new things about me and get to know me more!!

Then, let’s get started!

  1. I have two younger sisters.
  2. The youngest is 10 years younger than me and she is a genius.
  3. The middle one is an illustrator and her imagination is in some other dimension.
  4. Prefer water than juice.
  5. LOOOVE coffee.
  6. Use to be a night person.
  7. Have a bad habit of cracking knuckles.
  8. Have a bad habit of touching my hair.
  9. Like clothes that fit my body.
  10. Heals should be higher than 2 and a half inches.
  11. Want to wear flip flops in every season.
  12. Favorite season is summer.
  13. Go to the see whenever I want to.
  14. Don’t like trends.
  15. Hate being tagged as “These types of people.”
  16. Want to be myself.
  17. Used to live in Finland when I was a kid.
  18. Went to International School.
  19. Have jumped into a lake with ices floating in.
  20. Have skated on a frozen lake.
  21. Use to take lessons for figure skating.
  22. Now, just skate. No flip or turns.
  23. Changed elementary school 2 times.
  24. Went to 4 elementary schools.(2 at the same time.)
  25. Moved houses/apt more than 10 times.
  26. Don’t wash my hair for 2-3 days.
  27. Never died my hair before.
  28. And never will.
  29. My husband (AKA:Mr.) has never died his, too.
  30. Same birthday as Channon Rose from Youtube.
  31. Seem like my brain is blank, but usually that means I’m thinking too much.
  32. Seem like I’m thinking too much, which usually means my brain is blank.
  33. Ideas come up whenever I’m not thinking.
  34. Sometimes I think in English.
  35. Like puzzle games.
  36. Can finish Rubik’s Cube (3×3).
  37. Rotate 5 game apps so that the life won’t run out.
  38. Love Disney. (Who doesn’t?)
  39. Have Disney Theater.
  40. Also Netflix.
  41. Can do a leg hold.
  42. Can do the splits.
  43. And bridge.
  44. Love croissant from Costco.
  45. Name car that I own.
  46. Usually order coffee or white mocha.
  47. Love piercings.
  48. Get in deep when I love something.
  49. But it flies away when I get bored.
  50. My favorite food is SHRIMP!

I hope you found it interesting!!

Thank you for reading.
See you next time! Bye.