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How to Pierce by Yourself (in English)

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In this article, I’m going to explain how to pierce (helix and conch) by yourself.

Others (rook, daith, tragus, facial piercings, etc.) should NOT be done by yourself.
Go to a piercing studio.
If you don’t have the money nor the courage, just don’t do it.

Before You Read

Before you read farther on, please go to “Before You Know How to Pierce by Yourself”. If you’re not old enough to judge it yourself, I insist you read this first until the end.

I do NOT take responsibility for anything happens to you.

Then, let’s get on.

What You Need

● needle (14G or 16G) ⚠︎DO NOT USE A PIERCING GUN
● an eraser or cork
● rubbing alcohol
● straight barbell (anatometal is the best preferred, but expensive. If you don’t have them, use SUS316L (AKA: surgical stainless metal). Do not use hoops or anything arched shaped barbells. It will take more time to heal.
● catch (non coated is preferred)
● marker
● ointment (usable on faces)
● courage
● certainty

Please use a needle. Just imagine this for a minute of your life. You’re going to harm yourself. You’re going to make A HOLE through your body. Piercing guns goes through your cartilage with the actual initial piercing. It is sharp but not even as sharp as a sewing needle. You’re literally piercing and GAGING (stretching) at the same time. You are going to make some cracks around it. I know you’re smart enough to understand the logic.

Needle is hollowed so you’re completely hollowing out the small amount of your cartilage. It is just a bit thicker than an injection needle. Don’t worry, if you have the 8th and 9th ● ready, you’ll be just fine.

How to Pierce by Yourself

① Sanitize the barbell, needle, noodle, poodle and all the other stuff.

The needle is extremely sharp so don’t touch the pointed end. You’re going to bleed and the sharpness will become dull.

② Mark the place you want to pierce.

③ Apply the ointment on the pointed end of the needle.

④ Put the eraser/cork behind you’re ear.

⑤ Shove the needle through.

Be sure to pierce it vertically as possible. The more you pierce slantways, the more time it would take to heal. Because the surface aria of the wound will extend. Also, it won’t look good.

⑥ Put the barbell at the dull end of the needle.

I suggest you to put the catch at the other end of the barbell in advance.

⑦ As you push through the needle, push the barbell together so that it will stay connected.

The needle and the barbell won’t firmly attach. So be careful not to come off in the hole. If it disconnects even just a bit, the barbell will get lost in the hole and soon, strawberry sauce will come out from your beautiful wound you’ve just made.

⑧ Put the catch at the back, and voila! You got a new piercing.


I feel like, most of you have thought, “hmm, that wasn’t as bad as I thought…”


The aftercare is the pain in the asparagus.
I will update you on how to take care of your new piercings later on.

Thank you so much for reading.
See you next time! Bye.