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My VERY Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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“Very Early Pregnancy” shows from the first day of your last period to the day you found out you were pregnant.

Now that I think of, 3week pregnant doesn’t even exist. Most people haven’t even ovulated yet.

So, let’s talk about after ovulation.

I used to google “very early pregnancy symptoms” so many times because I wanted to meet my baby so bad.

Having an/some unusual symptoms do make you really excited if you are expecting a baby.

These were my symptoms.

My Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Sleepy all day

I think most of you are sleepy before period, so am I.

But, before founding out I was pregnant, the sleepiness was out of hand.
I was so sleepy no matter how I slept.

Lucky I didn’t have to drive because I stayed at my parents’ house around the New Year’s Day.

Didn’t get irritated

I usually have my PMS but oddly enough, I didn’t have that this time.

Maybe because I got to spend a great time with my family and my husband? IDK.

I was drinking with my dad and saying,
“We aren’t still able to get a baby🥺”
though my feeling wasn’t that depressed.

My appetite was fine

I always eat A LOT before my period, but not this time.

Still, meals my mom makes is so delicious, I ate a lot…

My boobs were 2 sizes bigger

This was the most obvious one.

My boobs were so much bigger I was showing to my family. Lol

My husband commented, “wow, your boobs are looking at the sky!”

FYI: it will get bigger and bigger, you can’t barely sleep on your stomach.

So calmed

This was a weird symptom.

May because I’ve got depressed every time I say the blank window or my mind knew somehow, but when I took the pregnancy test, I was so calmed.

It’s not that I wasn’t expecting, it was more like… blank feeling. Hard to explain.

I was like, “hmm… the period is not here yet, let me just take the test.”

And, voila! There was the line.
That memory still tears me up.

How was it?

Every symptom is different among other people.
Some of them could be similar to yours, or maybe most of them aren’t even close to mine.

I hope these helped some of you guys, and I also wishing you to meet your baby as early as possible.

Best wishes to you.
See you next time! Bye.